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    Stop complaints about square bracket operator?

    Handycam Level 1

      I keep getting the warning:

      Data binding will not be able to detect changes when using square bracket operator.  For Array, please use ArrayCollection.getItemAt() instead.


      It is because of this:


      <mx:DataGrid id="mi2" dataProvider="{step2.chosenList.dataProvider}" >


      <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="@sn" wordWrap="true" headerText="{dataXML[2].stepTitle}"/>





      However, I can't seem to "fix" it, since 1) the dataXML is not an ArrayCollection at all, but an XMLList, and 2) {dataXML.getItemAt(2).stepTitle} does not even work.  Note that there is actually no need to detect changes in the data here, as this value stepTitle does not change.


      The app compiles and runs fine, but I'd like to see how to handle this warning.