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    action script for links of master flash presentation on numerous sites

    apalmer1203 Level 1

      I've got over 100 facility sites that all use the same flash presentation on the home page. Links in the flash all go to specific pages on the site. (For example, http://lakelawnmetairie.com/plan_ahead/preplanning.html) I've got the script that requires me to type a specific URL for the link to go to...


      whyPlanAhead_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, whyPlanAhead);
      function whyPlanAhead(e:MouseEvent):void{
          navigateToURL(new URLRequest("http://lakelawnmetairie.com/plan_ahead/preplanning.html"),"_self");

      But I need that url to change depending on which facility site the user is on. Is there a way to correct this so that it's just one master flash presentation, but the links will go to the appropriate page based on which facility site the user is on?