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    CSS Styles Do Not Display Correctly in WYSIWYG Editor


      Here's the scoup: Working with topics imported from Word into RH 5 and then re-imported into a RH 7 project. (RoboHelp HTML, Webhelp Pro output).


      I have created a custom style sheet and applied it to a topic. Initially, it all looks great, works great. However, if I toggle either into HTML view or Preview, and then toggle back to WYSIWYG Editor, the styles appear completely different (for example, all my styles are in Arial 10 but after toggling, it displays in different colors of Times Roman, in like 24pt font.)


      Now, it does continue to preview and output properly, using the correct style sheet. Additionally, if you go back into the topic properties and select a default css, apply it, and then select the custom css, apply it, it does display correctly again. But this is an awfully cludgy way to work.


      I suspected it might be something tweaked in the html code, and have parsed through it somewhat trying to identify the cause. Nothing I do seems to resolve the issue. Oh, and this does not seem to happen to topics that are created in RH 7 from scratch (e.g., no copying/pasting of text from any source).


      Has anyone else experienced this and/or know how to fix it?


      Thanks in advance.