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    Compile error in flex with FlvPlayBack

      Hi all,


      First of all I should mention that i'm working under linux.


      I've installed flex plugin 3 alpha 4 for eclipse, with an ecliplse 3.3.0.
      I've decided to be in the "best environement" possible and do not force the installation as needed on higher versions.
      Firsts compilation, hello word, textbox, backgrounds...etc.. run correctly... stimulant !


      So I start my real stuff : working with FlvPlayback.
      I choose this component because I have to work with cue points and I prefer not to start with a full extend of video classes to implement it.

      I've installed the 2.5 component released for linux as mentionned in the productivity tool download page.
      Adding the swc to my projet librairie build path and wow : now I can acceed to fl.* classes with import classes completion... sounds good !!!

      However when I tried to compile a simple code ( player with 1 flv ) it rise an error :
      1046 : Type not found or not a compilation constant : NetStreamPlayOptions.


      I've browsed the web frantically for hours....
      What i've understood is that this class is part of Player2 implementation that come in runtime player10.
      According to http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Targeting+Flash+Player+10?showComments=fa lse
      i have to got /frameworks/libs/player/10/playerglobal.swc and force eclipse to use it.

      But that's not in the SDK...
      All what adobe propose as download is the libflashplayer.so.


      Does anyone had encountered this issue ?


      As the download page explicitly explain the the component is working on linux there should be a fix somewhere, does anybody know ?


      Thxs for you help...