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    Text does not wrap properly for html text field



      Using CS3 with AS 2.0, I have a text field with "Render Text as HTML" and "Align Left" set and the following code used:


      msg1.html = true;

      msg1.multiline = true;
      msg1.wordWrap = true;

      msg1.htmlText = "<p align='left'>This uses single quotes and should wrap the required text as needed</p>";


      The text does not wrap properly in the text box. It is as if the text does not want to wrap properly where text gets cut off.  For the above text, the following is displayed in the text field:


      This uses single quo


      Please note that if in the flash environment I set the text field alignment to "Align Center" or "Justify", all the text displays fine; however, I need it to be left justified.


      If anyone else has run into this problem and has a solution, I would love to hear from you.