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    Show navigation link appears in topics returned from Zoom Search results


      I'm using RH7 to generate WebHelp and have followed Peter's instructions on how to incorporate Zoom Search into my output. I've got it working, but the "Show" link appears when I select topics listed in the search results. This is particularly confusing because the navigation pane automatically appears when I open the project. Once I select a topic from the search results, I can use that "Show" link to display a second navigation pane (see attachment).


      Is there any way to prevent that "Show" link from appearing when I select topics listed in my Zoom Search results so users won't see double navigation panes? Note that the setting on the second screen of the Generate Primary Layout (WebHelp) wizard (WebHelp Navigation) called Show Navigation Pane Link in Topics does not control this. That is, I get the same result whether that option is checked or unchecked.


      Thanks for your help!