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    Automatically generating web service proxies

    Kaspar Fischer Level 1

      Dear list,


      I am following the instructions in the Flex 3 documentation on Automatically generating web service proxies. However, I cannot get the code from section "Using a return token" to work. The code from there,


      private function doCall():void {

          var ret:AsyncToken;

          ret = myService.keywordSearchRequest(input);






      together with a suitable handler handleResults() compiles but the listener is never invoked. If I use the code from section "Using utility methods", everything works (the listener is invoked).


      Is this a know bug?


      If so, are there any known workarounds?


      I cannot use the code from section "Using utility methods" as in my use case, several requests to the web service may be executing in parallel; for this, I need a way to remember, when my listener gets called to handle the result, what the corresponding request was. How can I achieve this?


      Related to this, do you know of any other frameworks that automatically generate web service proxies as I can do using "Data" -> "Import Web Service (WSDL)..." in Flex Builder/Eclipse?


      Many thanks,