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    Director buttons to FLV cue points?

      Is it possible to use a button to jump the playback head to a flv cue point?


      Director V11.5 Mac

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          James Newton, ACP Level 3

          If you know where the cuepoint is (in milliseconds), you can use the seek() command to jump there.  You might have to do some experimentation to get it to work the way you expect it to.


          Seek() is an asynchronous command.  It can only be used if the sprite currently has a mediaStatus of #playing.  It is ignored if the mediaStatus is #paused, #stopped or #error.

          Immediately after the command is issued, the sprite's mediaStatus switches to #stopped (not #seeking or #buffering) and the currentTime of the sprite is set to the target value.
          If the seek target is negative or greater than the duration of the media, nothing happens.