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    Why did PE capture my video at 14.99 fps??


        OK, I finally figured out what I've been asking here in the forum. I am using a SVHS connected via S-video to my capture card & capturing using PE7. Everything worked great when I did a test burn with the trial version. So I went ahead and purchased the full version & began capturing about 1 hr of video from VHS. I did some minor editing and preceedd to burn to DVD. After I had burned it and went and watched it on my DVD player, the picture was jumpy and jittery looking. I went back and looked at the original capture and noticed that it said that the video was 14.99fps. How did this happen? It didnt happen in my test run. I've looked under the settings and it says that its set to capture at 29.99fps. I even sent a small clip to YouTube and it looks fine. Bare with me here, I'm learning PE7 as I go. It's pretty much the same as any editing SW, but I still find myself doing Google searches when I run into a problem.


         Now that I think about it, I believe the test run I did was with a short clip that I captured in Pinnacle. I then imported that avi into PE7 and burned the DVD. It came out fine.


         I watched the new burned DVD on my PS3 and it's jittery and jumpy, while if I watch it on the Xbox 360, its fine, but with the jagged lines during extreme motion. I was under the impression that occurs when watching the preview during capture and editing, but disappears once you watch on a TV. I thought I had it figured out, but apparently I haven't. I could just capture everything with Pinnacle, but it gets so out of sync and thats just one more step I have to do everytime I capture any footage. Any help would be much appreciated. Please be patient with me. I look up 90% of the problems I run into, but sometimes I just cant figure it out.


        Also, can you render mp2 with PE? When I try to export a clip, There arent any MPEG options.

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          You are capturing using PE7 from a capture card?... I didn't think PE7 was capable of this, many people have tried without success... that is why the usual advice is to use a DV bridge (Pyro or Canopus devices) that captures over Firewire. Also, video captured fron capture cards can give problems while editing in PE7. However there are workarounds for most issues..


          What format did you capture into and how are you determining the frame rate of the video? May be worth downloading GSpot http://www.headbands.com/gspot/ to check the properties of the videos. You can also use GSpot to determine the field order of the clip, Top Field First (TFF) or Bottom Field First (BFF).... the field order may be contributing to your jerkiness on playback issue. PE7 normally works with BFF video such as DV-AVI, if you are using TFF video then you need to reverse the field order.


          If your video is 29.99fps and PE7 is seeing it as 14.99fps you can select the clip in the Project Media Bin, right click and select Interpret Footage... here you can set the correct frame rate.


          You can export to MPEG2 with PE7, you need to go to Share, Personal Computer, MPEG... here you will find a number of MPEG presets for export.

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            Daffypuck Level 1

              I was under the impression that it couldnt either. But the question I've been asking and trying to figure out before I go and spend money was whether or not my particular capture card was indeeed a sort of  A/D converter. My capture format may be the problem though. When I capture, PE7 gives me three options, DV Camera, HDV camera or WMD. So, in fact, I may not be importing as AVI. At least PE7 doesnt let you when using an analog source. I just want to know if I can correct this problem in my settings before I go drop another $100 for a conversion box. I'll check the settings and whatnot you mentioned this evening. I have to head of to work now. Thanx so much for helping me out.

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              Daffypuck Level 1

              Ok, I DL Gspot and did a test capture of 1 minute in Pinnacle & then rendered after correcting the audio sync issue. The DVD came out fine. I did the same in PE7 & the DVD is still jumpy/jittery looking. And again, PE7 captured at 15.01 FPS despite being set for 29.992fps. You mentioned TFF & BFF. I can't seem to find that in Gspot. Here's a shot of the video in G-spot.


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                Paul_LS Level 4

                GSpot shows it is BFF, Bottom Field First which is fine for PE7, however GSpot also shows the video is 15fps... so there is something wrong with the capture (did you capture in Pinnacle?). You need to use the Conform To as I suggested in an earlier post... Conform To 15fps.


                However, you need to look at why it was captured at 15fps... have you tried capturing in PE7?

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                  Daffypuck Level 1

                    Yeh, That clip I posted was captured with PE7. I wonder if it's the capture card?? I use the same captur card for capturing my Mini-DV tapes with no prblems. I just want to establish that its the incompatibility of the card and PE before I go buy a converter. If it's just something i'm missing in the settings, I'd like to find out before I fork over more dough on something thats unneeded.


                    I tried changing the FPS to 30 as you mentioned and all I got was Benny Hill! Do you think the 15fps is the reason I'm getting the poor playback on DVD?? It looks as if I'm really limited to settings when capturing analog with PE. In reality I have no options. All I can do is tell it to capture WDM and that's it, nothing else.

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                    Paul_LS Level 4

                    Yes the 15fps would explain your poor playback. And it is probably down to the capture card. PE7 does not play well with capture cards as I mentioned in an earlier post. What you could do is capture using another program and then bring this video into PE7. You could try VirtualDub, http://www.virtualdub.org/ a free program, you will need to install the Panansonic DV codec http://www.free-codecs.com/download/Panasonic_DV_Codec.htm first in order to be able to capture to DV-AVI. Otherwise you will need to buy a DV bridge, such as the ADSTech Pyro or Canopus ADVC 110/300 models.

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                      Daffypuck Level 1

                      Done. I think that solved the problem and saved me $139!!  I knew there was a simple solution. It's just a shame that software as good as premiere & Sony Vegas don't capture analog. Pinnacle Studio was the perfect application for what I wanted to do, but it's woeful performance & stability made it undependable. It took me a few minutes to figure out VirtualDubs controls, but I think I've got  it. I made a test disc and It looked fine. I thank ya much. I'm gonna try (for the 4th time) to capture the full tape and burn a disc and see how it looks. Oh, one last thing I was curious about.Single layer DVDs hold 60 min, correct? The capture I'm doing is right at 72 minutes. When I burn in PE, if I choose the "fit to disk" option, how much quality would I lose compared to just making a 60 minute & 12 minute disc? The original source is a 22yr old VHS. Again, thanks for your patience and time. Much appreciated!

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                        Paul_LS Level 4

                        72 minutes is fine... if I recall at PE7's maximum bitrate of 8Mb/s you can get almost 72 minutes on a disc.. so if it reduces the bitrate when Fitting to Disc it will be negligable.

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                          Daffypuck Level 1

                          db3 copy.jpgOdd thing, the first test run I did, I captured at 320x240. I didnt realize it till after I had captureed the full 72 minutes of video. That DVD looked fine. So I started capturing at 720x480 and notieced the preview had the jagged edges during motion. So i stopped the recapture process and burned a DVD with the new footage at 720x480. The new DVD does the same thing, jumpy & jittery. Whats going on?? To insure PQ nearly true to the source, dont I have to capture at 720x480?  I thought the 352x240 test looked not quite as good as the disc I made with pinnacle. Now I know why. What can I do to correct this?

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                            windowman Level 1

                            "I use the same captur card for capturing my Mini-DV tapes with no prblems."


                            Does your miniDV have a DV-Analog passthrough feature? If so, you can just go from your alalog source through DV Cam into firewire and capture normally to Premeire.


                            I also can't recommend that Panasonic DV codec. Often times it makes other video programs quit working properly including certain versions of Premiere.

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                              Daffypuck Level 1

                              Unfortunately mt model of Mini-Dv is the one that Panasonic stopped including the pass through feature. If no that codec, which would you suggest?

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                                windowman Level 1

                                That's the only free DV codec I know of that will work with VDub. Some people here have reported good luck with it. There are a lot of depending factors. Since you've already installed it you may as well stick with it for the time being unless you start noticing problems. Besides, as I recall, that codec doesn't have an uninstall feature, so it may be hard for you to figure out how to get rid of it. It's also sometimes hard for other prgrams to figure out what to do with that particular brand of DV, so they sometimes won't recognize it.

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                                  Paul_LS Level 4

                                  It is definately interlacing that you are seeing. Can you confirm with GSpot that it is BFF and that the frame rate is 29.97fps. If it is TFF then this will be an issue.


                                  Have you viewed the DVD on your TV. It is normal to see these interlacing lines when viewed on a non-interlaced computer monitor. If you want to view on a monitor you need to set your media player to deinterlace.


                                  As Charles mentions, the Panasonic codec can cause issues with MJPEG video in Premiere Elements, however, if necessary it is quite simple to remove the Panasonic DV codec.

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                                    Daffypuck Level 1

                                    I used Virtualdub to de-interlace it and I ended up with a 120gb .avi file. I ran a scan of the video and it showed up as this. Just curious how to interpret it.


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                                      Daffypuck Level 1

                                        I have spent at least 48 hours in front of the computer trying to figure this out and everytime I think I've got it, another problem arises. I've captured  @ 352x480 with VD, then resized it to 640x480. I tried to burn a short clip and PE conformed both the video and audio (which it's never done before) and a 55 sec clip took nearly 25 minutes to conform and burn. The DVD looked OK, but I can only imagine how long a 72 min .AVI would take. If only Pinnacle would capture without going out of sync with the audio I'd have no problems. the short clips I've captured with Pinnacle and burned, by far made a near perfect DVD compared to the original source. The audio is so out of sync that if I try to fix it in on spot near the end, the beginning is way off. maybe I'll have to just capture 5 15 min clips and adjust the audio and combine the clips. I've probably wasted 20 DVDs doing test burns. I know video editin takes a bit of trial and error, but this is rediculous. I've read fifty million different posts on which resolution, which codec, which audio codec, which program, which converter etc etc to use and I'm still no closer, it seems, to simply capturing a VHS tape, editing it and making a DVD. I really appreciate all of y'alls advice and input. I didnt realize that this had such a steep learning curve.

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                                        windowman Level 1

                                        There are a lot of things I don't understand throughout this thread. First off you said in your original post that your video showed a frame rate of 29.999. Are you sure it wasn't 29.997? because that's what DV is supposed to be.


                                        You shouldn't have to deinterlace video that's going to be watched on a TV set. If it still looks jagged on a TV then it's not a deinterlacing problem, but is something else altogether. Your huge file at the end here was from deinterlacing and then saving in uncompressed AVI rather than DV-AVI


                                        Your sync problems in Pinnacle probably stem from a capture card that has separate audio and video streams. That's a common problem with capture cards not having a referrence clock to sync to.


                                        I see a couple of other options. First off, why not try to capture via Windows Movie Maker? Second, It will take longer, but you can always record from your VCR to your camcorder and then do a standard firewire dump. Third, there are several other free capture utilities out there you can try. Here are a few:



                                        Capture Software

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                                          Paul_LS Level 4

                                          Your large file is because the video was not captured as DV-AVI... if it was it would say DVSD at the top in the second column. It looks like an uncompressed codec. did you select the Panasonic Codec for compression when capturing... I must admit I have not used VD for capture for a long time. I had lot's of problems similar to you when using a capture card and decided to save my self frustration and buy a DV bridge.


                                          One thing to do to eliminate the problem is to deinterlace the footage in PE7, right click on the footage in the timeline, select Field Options and then Always Deinterlace. this should get rid of the jaggies but will result in a slight quiality hit.


                                          Regarding doing test burns, I use a DVD-RW disc... so I can keep on re-using them and not wasting discs.