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    How can I show clip/project clock on screen?

      PE4, Windows XP

      I'm working out a storyboard post-shooting with a colleague a thousand miles away (ie: impossible to get together right now). I sent her some DVDs with what I'll call the "raw take" so she can look things over and let me know how to proceed. As we get into more detail on the project she would like to be able to get very specific about length of clips, where to edit, etc.

      It would be very useful to be able to give her a set of clips with the project's running clock (is that the right term?) showing on screen so that she and I can be on the same page with our editing. I other words, she could say, "Dude, on Disc 1 use the b-roll starting at 3:32:03 and cut at 4:21:00 and put it in such-and-such scene."  My friend is not versed in video editing, and of course, is not viewing this material on anything but a DVD player and screen.

      I've scoured the documentation and don't find any reference to doing this. Is there a way? Is there a plug-in, free or otherwise, available to do this?


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          Paul_LS Level 4

          DVDate the plugin for Premiere (not to be confused with the free DVDate) can do this. It costs $20. R.J.Johnston a contributor here and over at Muvipix uses this in Premiere Elements.



          There is also the free Timecode Frame Generator that can export an AVI that can be placed on the video track above the background video to give a time counter.


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            DVDate:  mmmm, well, this one comes from Russia, which gives me immediate pause. No offense meant to our Commrades, but any monetary transactions involving folks in the former Soviet block is an automatic red flag, given the widespread ripoffs and fraud perpetuated on the world from that area of the globe. The price is now shown as 19.95 Euros, which translates to $29.13 on this vendor's site.


            Jeez, does it take Russians to figure out how to create and market this when Adobe, a fine, upstanding American firm with massive resources and technical knowhow, can't or won't?


            Anyway, I'll look at the other one suggested first. Thanks for the prompt reply and help.


            - JR

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Though it is not of direct help to you, I use both Premiere Pro and AfterEffects to do the same thing for remote editing. PrPro's TimeCode Effect is somewhat limited, as to the font, colors, etc., but AE's TimeCode is full featured.


              I've got DVDate (no problems with the transaction - so far... ), but find that AE offers me the exact control that I want.


              Good luck,