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    Advanced Masking/Selection Capabilities

      How to select a part of an image for masking based on either color saturation or  hue or a certain color (not RGB value but rather a color group), so that I can  transform the selection to the Alpha channel.

      For example, if I have a  photo of a red car on a multi-color, complex background where there are NO other  red colors exist on the picture, other than the body of the car, then such  selection (that I need help with) suppose to select all shades of red on the  photo, which is only the body of the car.

      I guess you know what I'm  trying to do, right? I need to create a PNG file where certain part of an image  (like a body of that car) would be gray-scale alpha channel, so that by placing  the image file on colored background - that would simply paint the car into  another color.

      See an example on this page: http://www.netchain.com/test/Png.asp