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    How can I 'reverse crop' an image?

    Fletcher James
      I'm a newbie to Fireworks. I want to do something which seems really elementary, and cannot figure out any straightforward way to do it.

      I have a graphic image (.jpg) which is 306 pixels wide x 6 high. It consists of a colored background, some typography, and rounded corners. I need to adjust the width, without scaling the typography or corners. I would simply like to select a vertical slice of the image, 41x6, from the area where there's nothing but background, cut it out, and join the two remaining parts together, to create a 265x6 result.

      However, I cannot find any feature in FW which will allow me to do this. Any kind of delete or cut simply seems to leave an empty (transparent?) gap, while leaving the overall width unaltered. I can select a rectangle and crop, leaving the contents and eliminating everything outside, but I don't seem to be able to do the reverse.

      Am I the first person who ever wanted to do something like this? Or am I missing some simple feature, because I'm not understanding its name? Or do I need to use a series of steps, and assemble a completely new image out of pieces of the the original? (If the latter, please tell me which steps to use).