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    Can I get a little help here?

      Hello Contribute users,

      I have more of a plea for help than a discussion topic. I was editing my website with  a Contribute trial and I loved it! I published my changes and all was good. This week, the hosting company I was with basically screwed all it's clients and went "missing" with everyone's websites. I purchased hosting with another company and had my webguy put my site back up but, with pre-edited pages. I purchased Contribute and have it working now but  I cannot remember everything I had done and it had taken me weeks to get it all right. I was told by an Adobe Rep. when I purchased it yesterday that I could find my corrected pages (since Vizaweb(the bastards) will not respond to faxes, calls, emails....to put my site back up).

      Does anyone have an idea how I get back my corrected pages? I cannot "find" them myself within Contribute.

      I'm begging here!