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    Long Pause/Hang After Mpeg2 Export...




      Using Premiere Pro CS3 in a small public access station.


      Whenever we export a large mpeg2 movie the rendering status window hangs on the last few frames, and there is a VERY long pause before anything else happens. During the pause average joe user employee of the station thinks the computer has crashed....


      Case in point, I just exported a 2 hr video at a bit rate of 4.5 Mbit (~4G file). It "stopped" at 99.99%, 2 frames short of the end, and then hung with no response for about 15 minutes. If I look in the desitination folder I see several files that eventually get deleted, and I see the final video file. It increases in size during this pause. I can only assume that it really has finished, but premiere is mux-ing the audio and video tracks in to the final video file during this time.


      Is there anyway to 1) avoid this final step (aka - mux during the initial export so it doesn't have to go back and doing it separately)  or at the very least 2) is there an update to get the export/rendering status window to acknowledge this final step and not scare the hell out of the user who's afraid the computer has crashed after an hour long export...? We've had a few nervous-nellies kill the application when they probably didn't need to just because they thought it had crashed.


      Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.


      - Phil