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    Layer of video not exporting correctly... (HD)

    Renn Brown

      I have an HD project, shot in 1080i24pA on a Sony HVR-V1U.


      The project is 1080(60i) (60i is how the camera stores the 24a before pulldown). You can see the exact settings here:




      Footage captures well and appears correctly in the source and timeline monitors. I have 9 or so layers of video, mostly used for titles. There are three layers of actual video, the first layer being the full timeline, and the second two layers containing short clips with a solarization effect on them.




      When I attempt to export with the following settings:




      ...I get a file that is of proper quality, size, and resolution, but the main layer of video is exporting incorrectly (seemingly at 1440x1080). The strange thing is that the other two layers of video with the effects export correctly (you can clearly see the distinction between the layers in the cap).




      I've tried everything I can think of- shuffling layers, checking settings, I even added a neglible 'contrast' video effect to the incorrectly exporting clips to see if it would help... all for naught.


      Anyone have any ideas? Help is greatly appreciated.