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    Advice re: concatenating a variable name

    jcahill23 Level 1


      I have a few <mx:TextArea> controls each with the id of txtArea0, txtArea1, etc.

      I'm trying to get the value of txtArea0.text, txtArea1.text by concatenating txtArea + i, where i is 0,1,2,3 and then putting the .text on the end.

      Despite trying plenty of different ways can't get it working.



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          ATIF FAROOQ Level 3


            you may run a loop on the parent container of your textField.

              eg  name of container in which you have the textfields is myContainer


              var  textConcats:String="";
              var  inspectedObject:DisplayObject;
              for(var i:int=0;i<myContainer.numChildren;i++){
               if( inspectedObject is TextArea){