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    Weird issue with motion tween in Flash CS3

      Hey Guys,


      Got a  weird  issue with motion tween.


      Im making kind of  slideshow for my project; assume every frame  is a  single  slide.  all of  the  frames  have eventlisteners for

      KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN  event.  just  like  this  example:



      import flash.events.KeyboardEvent;


      stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, KeyPressed);



      function KeyPressed (e:KeyboardEvent):void
          if (e.keyCode == Keyboard.RIGHT)

          { gotoAndPlay("Menu5")





      So  whenever  i click right arrow on keyboard it navigates to next slide, It worked  perfectly  until i  created a frame  with motion tween on it.

      It's simple box  which moves from left to right and stops,  just like pop-up menu.   This new  frame  has completely  no actionscript  excluding  stop();  command not to move to next slide itself.  So here is the weird part:   when i press right arrow button on this frame the motion tween replays itself!  strange right?

      I just can't get it, why it plays that left to right tween again?  If I  create a  new blank project  and  copy  that box movieclip to it and test again - nothing happens. It looks like previous frame's actionscript is somehow interferring with that frame.


      Any help is greatly aprecciated,

      I'm using FLash CS3 and actionscript 3.0.


      Also I've uploaded the slideshow, run through it to see yourslef. (frame labeled Menu5 is that frame with box on it)