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    Are breadcrumbs in masterpages ignored?

    robert-sfl Level 1

      It seems that breadcrumbs in masterpages are simply ignored. Is this behavior intended or did I screw up something? I can generate breadcrumbs using the setting in the SSL but as masterpages provide dedicated buttons in the editor to insert these placeholders, I would assume they should be used this way?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          I just tested and the Breadcrumbs feature works in Master Pages here in my RoboHelp 8.


          Where exactly did you add them in the page? Insert a Screen Capture here for us to see?


          What are you seeing that is telling you they aren't working?


          Cheers... Rick



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            robert-sfl Level 1

            Sorry for beeing so unprecise. I inserted the breadcrumbs placeholder above the body paceholder in the masterpage (which I then assigned to all topics). The breadcrumbs placeholder and any settings I adjusted where ignored in the output (WebHelp and MS HTML), I simply got no breadcrumbs at all until I repeated the settings in the breadcrumbs options of the SSL.


            I likely screwed up something, thanks for the info that it should basically work that way. I will go at it next week again.

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hi again


              Ahhh, methinks I see the issue.


              I'm not sure you will be able to apply Breadcrumbs that way. I'll have to test and see.


              Master Pages (formerly known as Templates) may be used in two ways.


              1. To apply Headers and Footers across several or all topics
              2. To serve as a foundation from which new topics are created


              I tested using the second method. Created a Master Page with Breadcrumbs, then created a topic using the Master Page.


              I'll try a brief test and report back with findings... Rick



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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Hi again


                Okay, did the test. Breadcrumbs actually CAN be applied that way.


                Surprised me a bit, but I like surprises like that.


                http://www.adobe.com/ubi/globalnav/include/adobe-lq.pngRock on Adobe!


                Cheers... Rick



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                  Hey, (see UPDATE at end)


                  I know this is an old thread, but hopefully someone will still be checking and able to respond...


                  My tech writing team is having a similar problem after upgrading from RH 8 to RH 10, so I thought it might be worthwhile to add our problem to this thread rather than starting a new one.


                  Basically, when we upgraded to RH 8 several years ago, we started using breadcrumbs. A lot of our topics link to each other (pop-up format), but some of our topics only include images(only used as pop-ups from other topics). So, we wanted to use breadcrumbs on all topics with text content but not on the topics with images only. To do that, we created Master Pages with breadcrumbs and then applied those Master Pages to the specific htm files we wanted to have breadcrumbs. Then in the SSL file, we did NOT select the Add Breadcrumbs option.


                  This has been working fine for us for a long time.


                  Now, though, the problem is that after upgrading our project to RoboHelp 10, for some reason, it's like our Master Pages are being ignored. I tested using the breadcrumbs option in the SSL before generating (we always, only generate a WebHelp output), and they work fine. But, if I have the option turned off as we usually do, the pages where I should see breadcrumbs (based on the Master Pages) do not have them.


                  So... it seems like either the whole Master Page is being ignored (we only use them for breadcrumbs) or it's the actual breadcrumbs that are being ignored.


                  I tried adding a brand new Master Page with breadcrumbs as a test and applying it to one of the topics; after generating, I'm still not seeing any breadcrumbs...


                  Any ideas on how to fix this?


                  Thank you for your help!


                  Ruth Johnson


                  UPDATE: I actually figured out what the problem was. For some reason, on our Master Page the "breadcrumbs" placeholder was nested inside a "body" placeholder. In the steps we had written for ourselves on how to do this, we specifically stated that we needed to delete the body placeholder before adding the breadcrumbs, so I'm not sure if we thought we removed it but didn't actually OR if upgrading to RH 10 somehow changed the contents of the Master Page. In any case, with the breadcrumbs placeholder only on the Master Page, the breacrumbs are displaying as expected in the WebHelp output.