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    ScrollBar Skinning Resizes VBox

      I've just written a scrollbar skin which hides the track, hides the thumb, and stretches the arrows out until they are as wide as the container that holds them. Then, it resizes the container holding it so that the arrows fit above and below it without changing the overall aesthetic "size". After slapping a different bitmap on the arrows, they now look like scrolling arrows at the top and bottom of a list. After adding a mouseover event on the arrows, I can get a great looking scrollable list.

      However, if I change the list after this (in this case, add another child to a VBox), the container resizes, pushing the arrows out of the expected space, and generally ruining the aesthetic.

      So, I put a listener on the container's "AddChild", and tell it to resize back to my desired specs, but even though the function is called, the changes don't stick.

      Does anybody know how I can grab access after the child has been added, and the container has resized itself?