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    Developping a ECM Connector for LiveCycle Content Services ES


      Hello everyone,



      I few weeks ago, I saw that Adobe LiveCycle had many connector to store documents in a ECM Repository/Document Repository.


      Article onhttp://www.adobe.com/products/livecycle/connectors/ shows integration with ECM documentum, IBM filenet and IBM Content Manager.


      I wonder why Adobe does not provide a connector to JSR 170 or JSR 283 : Content Repository for JavaTM Technology API Version 2.0.

      JSR 283 is the java specification of documents and content repositories. It has many options.  http://jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=283


      Do you have tested LiveCycle Content Services ES with the JSR 170 or 283 to create a connector and to store documents ?

      Do you know where to find these exemples ?


      Thank you very much.



      Web developper

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          The embedded Alfresco based technology in Content Services does have an implementation JCR.  You could use its java APIs to program to for storing content in content services.


          For connectors to other repositories the thing to use these days is CMIS, a new industry standard. With this, you will be able to connect to content repositories that don't have JCR APIs (SharePoint, others)



          lists server implementations,client apis (chemistry and alfresco also have java client api implementations), client user interfaces

          ( CMIS Spaces flex/actionscript client apis and client user interface is something I worked on)


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            user2222 Level 1

            Hello Steve,

            Thank you for your answer.

            My Content Repository in the one of RSD Folders. In fact, I could have a CMIS interface on it, but after a study, it happends that it will take a lot of time to me. And it is not excatly what I need, because we already have the JSR 170 level 1 compatibilty, with API compatible with JSR 170. ... But your idea is a good idea.

            What I wanted, is a example ... but I have started with my API. That I use directly in the component. Adobe does not provide any example with JSR 170 or JSR 283 in order to create a Component. I think they should jave some examples with this.

            PS: I also use Flex so we are nearly using the same technologies , lol

            Thank you