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    logtransport2.exe problems, can you help?


      Everytime I run Adobe Reader 9.0, my computer slows right down

      On opening task manager, it says that logtransport2.exe is consuming over 1,200,000 KB of memory

      After opening its file location, it brings me to the adobe folder in program files.

      Even when i close adobe reader, the logtransport2.exe file still runs,

      Ending process doesnt close it, however ending the process tree does

      Is this supposed to happen? is there anyway to stop it from opening up, or limiting how much memory it uses?


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          BenWMac Level 2

          Go to Help > Improvement Program Options, and change it to "No, thank you"
          If it's already set to that, try uninstalling, and getting Reader 9.1.

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            Thanks a million


            I had tried every trick, but could always find the logtransport2.exe hijacking my PC memory

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              Infotech Capital

              I thought I'd add a little information.


              LogTransport2.exe just blocked my ability to clean up folders because it held locks, even with Reader closed and the PDFs moved. Since this is for  Adobe Reader 9.1.2, the advice to upgrade to 9.1 seems inapplicable. Similar behavior occurs when a browser has started the Reader process--the folder is left in a locked state until ALL browser windows are closed. This seems unnecessary.


              In other news, but still on the topic of automated processes that misbehave, I find the Adobe Updater to be somewhat obtuse. It re-enables itself (after I've disabled it for the umpteenth time) and--since I enforce  DEP on my machines--it likes to crash with a memory violation. I kindof like this, since I EXPLICITY and REPEATEDLY have told Adobe products to turn patch enforcement over to me, but it is somewhat sad that the updater and quality feedback applications misbehave and have to be disabled.


              For what it's worth, I've been in IT for the last 25 years. In the end, I also turned off the Improvement Program, which really is too bad.

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                I frequently cope with locking folders by Adobe Acrobat especialy on Flash disk memories. After viewing pdf document on removable media these are locked and could not be safely removed. It is very annoying. It is probably caused by LogTransport2.exe and thank you very much for Your advice.


                It's quite curious, if best way to enhance Adobe Acrobat Reader is disabling  Improvement Program Options.

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                    Infotech Capital Level 1

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                    It's unclear whether your request is an instruction to people who've responded in the thread, a request that someone in the thread unsubscribe you--which we can't do--or a request to forum administrators which--if placed in perspective--may not be seen for months, if at all. Further, this is generally something that's considered to be not only under your control, but also your responsibility as part of an online community.

                    In the spirit of helping you find how to unsubscribe yourself--and prevent automatic subscriptions from occurring in the future--I'll point you in the right direction, but I'm taking the "teach a man how to fish" approach, i.e., I'll show you where the fish are, but I can't help if you aren't going to the fishing hole. This is posted publicly for the benefit of others who might find it useful.

                    1. Login
                    2. Check out your screen. About 10% of the way down is a large block that contains a clickable area labeled "Your Stuff." Depending on how you logged in, this may appear to be a button, a menu, or a tab--but it will still read "Your Stuff."
                    3. Assuming it's a menu, choose an appropriate item. Profile is a useful place to start. Carefully select your options under each category, and you should be home free, no worse for the experience.

                    I've found this recent comic/diagram from XKCD to be useful: http://www.xkcd.com/627/

                    One final comment regarding your profile: You may be getting inappropriate messages because your profile shows your email address where your web page is supposed to be. Unfortunately, once you publicly post your email address anywhere on the Internet, you become the victim of more and more spam as spammers share lists and never remove you. Verifying the address is still "live" by asking to be removed only makes things worse. Frequently the best recourse you have at this point is to choose another email address and exercise more online diligence going forward.


                    ON TOPIC



                    The only advice I'm able to give I've already visited; Adobe may resolve the problem in the future, but if it's a serious issue (and removable media that can't be ejected properly is not a good thing because it gets you used to "unsafe" ejects) just turn off the feature until you're willing to participate again. In my humble opinion, there's not much more to it than that.


                    Good luck to both of you.

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                      prybka Level 1

                      You can think, that my post is not usefull at all. But I had a good reason to publish it. For months I was looking for solution of problem with locked folders that can´t be deleted and flash disks, that can´t be safely removed. I was quite sure, that problem was casused by Adobe Acrobat Reader, but I could not prove it. And i was not able to find any solution on support site  nor mention that someone else has the same problem. Finaly I decided to install Unlocker for Windows by Cedrick Collomb to find evidence. I found it. Folder was locked by LogTransport2.exe by Adobe. From the name I could guess, that LogTransport2 is part of Improvement Program Logger. Thus I found Your post and BenWMac's solution. I was not alone and solution was verified! Reason to write my post was to mention keywords "flash" "disk" "locked" "safe" "remove" to help others to find BenWMac's solution. (There are not many users using Unlock or similar software.)

                      Excuse me for vicious P.S. Today I know, that solution was on website. But it was completely hidden in unstructured heap of other problems. I am a little bit disgusted by this kind of support and by that way come my indelicacy.

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                        Infotech Capital Level 1

                        Off topic: Perhaps something happened in translation, as I'm not sure what you're referring to--I deliberately review to ensure that I'm direct without being overtly offensive. In any case, your reasons for verbosity are apparently the same as mine. I didn't make the original post; I simply contibuted to it, as a courtesy (and somewhat late, too). For what it's worth, I share your experience in support--I had to be educated by another member that the forums can be  catch-as-catch-can. Finally, nothing about your postscript was vicious at all; I suppose I don't see offense, since none was intended. Edit: I reread your post from the forum and it appears the initial error was (mine and circumstantial): Adobe only sends partials to email (but it looked complete) so, based on insufficient information, I interpreted your phrasing as a request. Unfortunately, 90% of what makes communication work is missing online (c'est la vie), so for what it's worth: I apologize  if  you felt  I said your post was irrelevant.


                        On topic: As a comment on Unlocker, I don't know if Cedrick has updated his utilities for 64-bit editions of Windows, but I and others haven't found those updates forthcoming. After waiting for ~a year, I offered to help--since I use x64 almost exclusively, but was promptly told (in no uncertain terms) that this wouldn't be necessary. While I do hope that Cedrick's utility is updated (it's a great program) there are alternatives available. I posted directly on this issue, here: http://forums.techarena.in/windows-x64-edition/797224.htm and an alternative package for 64-bit Windows is in response to my post. I think it's called LockHunter.


                        Another useful set of (Windows) utilities with respect to troubleshooting (Adobe, or any) products is the SysInternals suite ( http://www.sysinternals.com ), now owned by Microsoft. Again, good luck to anyone who finds some use out of this discussion.


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