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    ACR API Which Allow Access To The RAW Data (Better NR / Demosaicing)

    Royi A Level 1


      I really wannt suggest Adobe to allow 3rd parties access the RAW data.

      The GUI and the Workflow of ACR along its tools imported from Photoshop makes it a great and easy tool for developing RAW files.

      It does have 2 major disadvantages:

      • Demosaicing Algorithm - Try comparing it with Capture NX or Canon DPP. You'll see they do much better in High Frquency textures and dealing with False Colors.
      • The Noise Reduction Algorithm - Well, lest just say it's light years behind DXO Optics Pro, Canon DPP, Nikon Capture NX. DXO and I believe the Capture NX as well enhance the NR process by removing noise on the RAW data itself.

      What I suggest is that Adobe will add an API will let other companies to address those issues by accessing the RAW data.


      I would really would like to see NR reduction Plug-In's such as Noiseware, Topaz Denoise, Neat Image and Noise Ninja accessing the RAW data and improving siginifantly the NR results.