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    Camera Matching Profiles for the Olympus E-3

    Bob Trlin
      Lightroom provides 24 camera matching profiles for Canon, 21 for Nikon, 3 for Pentax and a single one for Leica but not one for any fourthirds camera. Olympus in particular is conspicuous by its abcence.  Might I encourage Adobe to give this serious consideration.  I believe in principle Lightroom to be a superior product to that offered by Olympus but until Adobe shows a willingness to support Olympus many dedicated Olympus users, and dedicated we are, will opt for alternative products.  To dispel and doubts about the level of interest and dedication in fourthirds, you have only to look at the activity on the fourthirds forum http://forum.fourthirdsphoto.com/ .
      As an aside, I know many cameras have gone into space but check this out http://www.olympus.com.au/images/stories/pr0902002.pdf . The Olympus E-3 is going to do a tour of duty at the International Space Station later this year. This must count for something.  I would have thought it desirable to be associated with such a camera.
      Perhaps I'm wrong and action is already underway to correct the situation.  If so, is there any indication when these profiles might be available?
      Bob Trlin