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    Trying to convert .pdf to URL



      I've created an ebook-type presentation that was created using Open Office and then converted to .pdf. I can access the .pdf file on my computer, but I can't find anything that explains how you can upload the .pdf to a web page or even just share it with people outside of an e-mail. Is there any way to convert a .pdf to a URL?



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          mcacbat Community Member

          You can use Acrobat.com to both create a URL for your PDF and also to share the file in a web page.


          If you haven't already, you'll want to start by visiting www.acrobat.com and creating an account. Next, upload the PDF you want to share to My Files. Once uploaded to Acrobat. com, you can copy the link for an open access document and then share that document with anyone.


          Here are detailed instructions for Sharing options with Acrobat.com:


          http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Acrobat.com/Acrobat/WS6A3F8615-C9E9-4354-A0AA-BE9F52011DC9.htm l


          Please let me know if you have additional questions after reviewing the information.


          Thanks for using Acrobat.com!



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            Well, I figured out how to get the URL but it's not the kind of URL that I need. I'm trying to make the content available to a forum, where the members can view it by clicking a link that takes them to just the .pdf, not adobe.com. That's the only kind of link that I can find through acrobat, and it's not explained through the FAQ page.


            I just typed up a much longer explanation but was logged off-- I hope this doesn't sound rude or impatient (though impatient wouldn't be too far off, but not due to the software or forums )


            Thank you, and I really do appreciate your help.

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              I tried experimenting with what you're asking by uploading a pdf to a webserver through ftp (I pay $10 a month for a gigabyte of webhosting) and that worked, all you have to do is go to the url. Problem being, obviously, is we still do not know how to do this with acrobat.com Maybe if you know someone with a server you can ask to upload it to a url and they will be kind enough to let you

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                mcacbat Community Member

                Thank you for offering another solution. Acrobat.com is an online service, and we don't currently have a function to let you publish the PDF to another space. Will bring this up with the team for possible inclusion in a future release.

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                  we are trying to get a uploadable link

                  to post on twitter and facebook from a .pdf file ?

                  any ideas??