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    Application not found error message

      Everytime I try to download a purchased or free ebook (e.g. from Digital Editions site) I get the same error message: it lists the folder name of my temporary internet files\Content.IE5\Y9BKTFY\URLLink[22].acsm then it says Application not found. The code of numbers and letters changes but it is always the full address of the temporary internet folder and then acsm at the end.  I have have reinstalled digital editions several times and I have 1.7.1079 version.  I could download e-books before Christmas.  I turned my firewall off but it didn't make any difference.  I tried the bookshop I bought the books from but they couldn't help.  I managed the first four from the free page of Digital Editions but not any more.  I've tried searching for answers on-line and even opened a web case with Adobe but haven't heard anything.  Can anyone help please?