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      I would be very grateful for any help I might receive.


      When I was asked to download a PDF from the British Government website a prompt came up saying an upgrade was available for Adobe reader 9.0, as i was busy I declined the upgrade and sought to down load the form.  However the form would not down load.  After a couple of attempts I presumed that perhaps I did need the upgrade, so I clicked on the link for the upgrade and followed the instructions.   It all seemed to go OK, but when I sought to shut down, a pop up told me it hadn't all gone well, as I was in a rush I just switched off.


      When I next switched on I got a pop up titled 'osd 'with an exclamation mark in a red triangle with the word LAG beside it.  I could either click OK or x, I clicked x and just carried on as normal.


      This morning I have just tried to open a pdf and cannot find reader anywhere on the computer.  I am using vista with service pack 1.


      I suppose I could just try to download reader again but am rather wary of doing so, just in case it piles further problems on top.  Is it possible that my anti-virus (avira) might have given problems with the upgrade?   I don't remember if I had the anti-virus when I originally downloaded reader.


      With thanks,

      M.Clarke (UK)