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    HTML Symbols and Quotation Errors in .CHM


      I currently have RH7 on my laptop and I had RH X5 prior to the new version. The majority of our existing projects were created in RH X5.


      We have noticed that when projects are converted to the new version, the HTML symbols and some text quotation marks are becoming distorted.


      For example, if an "em dash" was inserted using the "Symbol" dialog in X5, it may appear as "&emdash" in the new version (and it is labeled as "text" instead of a symbol). This does not happen with all instances-it is a random occurance and it has occured on two different laptops.


      The other issue is with test quotation marks inserted using the keyboard. For example, if I have "Y" in the text, it sometimes appears as "r;Y".


      Has anyone else had issues with this or does anyone know anything about it? All help is greatly appreciated! Thanks and Happy Friday!