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    Hello and Farewell


      Excuse me coming in one last time. Suddenly realised that if had been a couple of weeks since my RH forum subscriptions had thrown up any emails. Investigating, I find that it's changed around here and no-one thought to let me know!


      No, I won't be remaking a permanent connection. It's a good while since I tidied up the last project for my last remaining Client, with the request that they should only come back to me in dire emergency. That hasn't happened, so it seems that I've finally managed to retire. So - farewell, RoboHelpers everywhere. You have lovely new toys to play with, all with bells and whistles; and new bells and whistles mean new problems to discuss (and usually resolve) in these invaluable forums.


      I doubt there are more than a handful of the specialist ex-Blue Skies RH9-X5/Word/Winhelp fraternity left, but a special heartfelt word of thanks to you for your support over the last - well, never mind how many years. I hope I've been able to contribute a bit, too.


      That's it. Have fun. Goodbye!