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    Transfer clip references?

    annajh Level 1

      Ok so this was going to be my question: So I've got two sound files in my project, both are the same file but one of them is corrupted. The corrupted one is the file that all the clips (sections in the timeline) are referenced to (aka when i delete this file all the clips get deleted too). Is there anyway to transfer the clip referances onto the uncorrupted version of the file (seeing as it has exactly the same name etc) so that I dont have to redo everything!


      But I have just found out how to do it. Yay! basicly I just moved the source file (which wasnt corrupted), and then told premier where to find it, and all the sound miraculousely came back. I also thought that if your source file became corrupted, you could create a new file, name it the same thing (saving it in a different folder) and then delete the corrupted version in windows explorer. Then when premier asks for its location, just tell it where the nice new one is!


      Would this work?!