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    Scrolling banner: hyperlinks possible?

    Erik Arckens Level 1


      I am very new at flash, but a friend of mine wants a webpage with a scrolling banner and I felt obliged to try.

      I was pointed to this fantastice site: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/flash5/imagescroll.htm by someone at this forum,

      and it has what I need, except for the hyperlinks....


      I want to replace the scrolling cloud image by a series of pictures of the same height, but eacht picture needs to have a hyperlink

      in it. So, when clicked upon, there needs te be a redirect to a webpage.


      Can this be done? I do not need to know all the details of the "how to", I will try that myself, but some hints would be very much appreciated.



      1. can this scrolling banner contain pictures that contain hyperlinks?

      2. If yes, can you give me some hints on how to accomplisch this?


      Thank you very much!