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    RadioButton Not Selecting

      I have a form Item which contains RadioButtonGroup and a Repeater which dynamically loads up RadioButtons from model data:

      <mx:FormItem direction="horizontal">
      <mx:Label text="Status:"/>
      <mx:RadioButtonGroup id="statusType" selectedValue="{model.selectedValuation.valuationAdmin.valuation_status}"/>
      <mx:Repeater id="valStatus" dataProvider="{listModel.allValuationStatuses}">
      <mx:RadioButton id="vs" group="{statusType}" label="{valStatus.currentItem.title}"/>

      On creationComplete() I call init() which in turn calls loadUserInfo(). Here I call selectedValStatus and pass on selected data from model:

      private function loadUserInfo():void{
      if(model.selectedValuation.valuation_administration != null){

      selectedValStatus() takes the data object passed to it, loops over the model list data and then checks to see if the model list data is equivalent to the data.title property, where i then set the selected value of the radio group:

      private function selectedValStatus(data:Object):void{
      if(listModel.allValuationStatuses != null){
      for(var i:int = 0; i<listModel.allValuationStatuses.length; i++){
      var item:ArrayCollection = listModel.allValuationStatuses;
      if(data != null){
      if(item .title == data.title){
      statusType.selectedValue = data.title;

      The Behavior:
      Data is present on creation complete.
      I have another radio group using the same code architecture that works perfectly, is in same form.
      On the form load the radio button is not selected.
      On a view index change and then return the button is selected properly.