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    How to throw a SOAP exception




      I have a requirement from customer that when they call the WSDL from their app and the workflow will not get what it should, that it should throw standard SOAP exception.

      To give more details on it, they will send for example input string "A" and based on that I will return output string "B" in the process.

      Now if they ask for "C" for instance, I need to be able to throw that SOAP exception. Is that possible? The process in workbench consists of simple decision point and set value activity based on route conditions.





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          Ryan M. Jacobs

          I am assuming you are wanting something to come back as a SOAP fault element?

          Unhandled process exceptions are sent back as faults. So, theoretically, you could write a service component to do nothing but throw an exception. Then you could route your process to call that in specific situations.


          As an alternative, I would consider having something like an additional 'status' output variable that always came back in the response which indicated the status of your process.


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          Ryan M. Jacobs


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