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    Imported SWFs background to "Transparent" in Presenter?


      Is it possible to set an imported SWFs background to transparent within Presenter?  I have Presenter 7, PowerPoint 2007, Flash CS4, working in Windows Vista.


      The only way I know to set SWF transparency is with the WMode parameter... so, in PowerPoint, if I right-click the imported SWF and choose "Properties" I get the Properties window which contains a field WMode.  I set this to "Transparent", but when publishing the Presenter file to "My Computer" the original SWF background (white in this case) still shows up.


      My PowerPoint has a gradient background, and my SWF file's stage is smaller than my PPT stage.  Making teh SWF BG transparent will allow me to place the SWF wherever I need to on the PPT stage without having to worry about lining up background gradients precisely.


      Any help is appreciated.