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    Ultra-low resolution display of stills


      I am using Vista with an up-to-date machine, no known compatibility problems, up-to-date drivers. Photoshop Elements 5 works fine, as does other photo software (Nikon Capture NX).

      When I import stills to Prem.Elements 3 to make a simple slide show, the resolution of the photo on the monitor is poor in the extreme. There is a jagged/heavily pixellated appearance, which is still present if I burn to a DVD.

      I have downloaded a trial version of Prem. Elements 7 and the problem is still there.

      If I import photos direct from the original files, rather than via Elements, the result is the same.

      I imagine that I may have something basic set incorrectly, but cannot identify what it might be.

      I use a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW Monitor, and apart from the actual slide representation everything else on the monitor is pin-sharp.

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          What resolution are the photos you are importing? PE7 does not do a good job of downsizing photos ( as it must do to meet the 720x480 NTSC frame size). Your best bet is to downsize them in PhotoShop Elements to 1000x750 before importing them into PE7. Try a trial project with a few photos and burn to a DVD-RW for viewing on your TV.


          Also note that the monitor view while editing can not be used to judge the final quality. Also dont judge the quality by viewing the DVD on a monitor, the monitor's resolution is much higher than that of a standard TV and the DVD quality will look poor.

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            Anthonyspo Level 1

            Thanks for your suggestions Paul, I have tried downsizing to 1024x768px before importing (PAL, not NTSC).

            I have also burned to DVD to show on a 40" LCD TV. The results are the same - too poor to watch.

            When simply burning small size jpegs to CD/DVD, they give a very good sharp picture on both monitor and TV, but the PE3/7 shots are not just low quality, they are so poor that there is a near total loss of detail and jagged roof lines etc.

            I have in the past used Pinnacle video software and decided to try PE to avoid some annoying bugs in it, but it did produce a perfectly good slideshow.

            Unfortunately, although I have had PE for some time, I have not recently used it, so for all I know the fault may be longstanding but not discovered.

            I suspect that I am missing something very simple but have no idea what it is.

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              Paul_LS Level 4

              Well, there is not too much to it. Have you started with a PAL DV project, either standard or widescreen? Then you import your resized photos, put them on the timeline and edit, add effects etc. Then go to Share, DVD (PAL) and burn. One thing, is your project around 1 hour or less? If you exceed this then PE7 will reduce the bitrate, and therefore quality, in order to fit the project to the disc. With an hour project the bitrate should be 8Mb/s.

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                Anthonyspo Level 1

                Thanks, Paul, I am going to have another go based on your thoughts.