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    Audio timeline - Cannot adjust mp3 or m2t on certain tracks in CS4 ?

      Hi folks,


      Proud new owner of CS4 and love it except that I'm in real dire straits with the audio timeline, particularly specified tracks.


      Own a Canon XH A1 and imported HDV as m2t files via HDVsplit. Nothing new there and don't think it matters anyway... But when I drag just audio onto the timeline, I cannot adjust it at all. Meaning, if I use the 'Selection Tool  (V)', once audio is placed in timeline it is unselectable. Even more strange, I can only select it if I use the 'Track Select Tool (A)', but even then my only option is to delete or move it (plus everything else following it on the same selected timeline). Anyone know what is happening?


      Even more strange is that some clips will fall into a different track in the timeline and be selectable, but everything in another audio track on the timeline is not selectable. I cannot even right-click on such a track in the timeline.


      This is driving me crazy, I can't find any information on this on forums or on Google... Is it just me?!!