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    controlling dragScroll

    PeteBaumgartner Level 1

      I am using Flex to present a list of film titles. Users can drag a "movie image" from the DataGrid to a television screen for instant watching ( content by Netflix) . If they have scrolled down a page or 2 as they do this drag - the list scrolls under them - dragScoll in effect - because we are scrolling past top of the DataGrid - this is annoying. The effect can be seen at:


      I have tried various things to stop this - but delivered none to the above site yet.

      Setting the verticalscollpolicy=off during drag and then restoring to "on" upon mouseUp seemed to come closest to working - but it left me with no scrollbars until I again clicked within the DataGrid . My question is how can I force the DataGrid to refresh and repaint the scroll bars.