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    Bug in FABridge.js affecting Safari

      There is a bug in the FABridge.js when using safari. It only occurres if you are using the embed script from flexbuilder (i.e. it is added to the dom using AC_FL_RunContent)

      heres the problem:
      AC_FL_RunContent creates an 'embed' tag in some instances (like when you using safari or konqueror). FABridge only searches for 'object' tags when you are using safari:

      line 115:
      var flashInstances = document.getElementsByTagName("object");

      this is after a test to see if the browser is safari/khtml/konquerer. The problem is that
      generates an object ONLY when this condition is met (otherwise it is 'embed'):
      if (isIE && isWin && !isOpera)

      a hacked fix is to add this line at FABridge.js line 116

      if (flashInstances.length == 0) {
      flashInstances = document.getElementsByTagName("embed");

      but ultimately the logic in the browser testing is wrong.