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    64 Bit Adobe Flash

      The only place a 64bit version of flash exists right now is on the Linux based platforms. It appears that adobe fooled us all with slight of word when they indicated that flash 10 would have 64bit support. I think what they really meant is that a 32bit version would install on a 64bit OS and work as long as you used a 32bit browser. What I have to wonder is what makes linux an easier choice to release an 64bit alpha.  The least flash developers could have done is to figure out a way for a 32bit version to install and function inside a 64bit browser. Unfortunately as long as people continue to utilize flash as the primary multimedia solution, Adobe can take thier time doing whatever they want. At least they could give the community an update. Tell us something. Even if it's to say what problems they are running into.

      So, maybe some of you smart programmers out there can figure out a way to use 64bit technology to allow a 32bit version of flash to install and run in a 64bit browser. Or better yet, get yourselves together and figure out a better environment so we can all migrate away from flash and use something better. Probably something that is more geared to a streaming video and audio platform. Oh, wait, real audio and windows media player already tried that.

      I'm sure there's a better way and until we find something to replace flash with, Adobe will continue to keep us in the dark. Guess we could always boycott adobe products. That might be almost as hard as boycotting windows. Guess that's why the released a linux version. They must know that the linux community would find an alternative faster than windows. Can't have that. People might actually find something better. Someone might even port this better version to windows.

      Well, enough ranting and randomized chaos.