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    Building an AIR App for a webpage

      I'm very new to Adobe Air, I've dabbled with Flash a long long long time ago and haven't done any programming in more than 10 years.  I'm a super-newbie to JavaScript.  I want to build an Adobe Air app that when its launch runs a webpage like its an application on your desktop.  This specific page is a social group within a forum I'm a member of, and this is going to be an application members can use to access the forums without starting their browser.  Its similar in concept to GMDesk http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/marketplace/index.cfm?event=marketplace.offering&categoryid=4 &marketplaceid=1&offeringid=10102 which opens up Gmail and other Google Apps as an application on the desktop but I need it to just open one web address.


      I have the Adobe Air runtime installed, I have Aptana Studio 1.2 and the Adobe Air SDK plugin installed so I've got a development environment.  I've also downloaded the Air SDK for Windows as well, but its likely redundant.  None of the example projects in Aptana are of any help either.  I've also Googled and answer, I'm very skilled at finding thing online but this is one thing that's eluded me.


      Can anyone help this super-newbie out?