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    Student Production Premium CS4 - serial numbers won't work from Adobe




      I got a new Apple Mac Pro a couple of days ago and a Student Edition of Adobe Production Premium CS4.   I promptly went to the Adobe site to obtain my serial number. A few hours later I recieved it and so excitedly put the first install disc in, when it asked for my code I copied the licence code from Adobe exactly. A big red cross appeared and when I tried to click next it said this code is invalid.


      I was rather suprised at this and tried re-entering the code several times and even had a friend make sure I'd told Adobe the right code in my email and that I was entering the correct code into the software.


      I decided to just click  'use on trial for 30 days - you can type the code in later'.


      I recieved a new code from Adobe this morning after telling them my problem and that code will not work either!!!



      The box said on it 'do not sell in europe, usa, etc" and I live in Australia yet the website my coupon sheet told me to go to is www.adobe.com/go/studentedition_uk which is a european site.     They have also said: 'we understand you want a serial number......here is the licence key:"    are they the same thing?


      Not sure why I'm having this problem,  I am a genuine student and Adobe has recognised that but I cannot get the code to work!


      Please help me!