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    Extra empty folder when exporting "Images only"


      When I export an images file choosing export as "Images Only" in Fireworks CS4, it always creates an extra empty folder with my image in whatever folder I choose.The empty folder is either named as "images" or the name of the folder the last time I exported images to.


      I don't know when this unusual behavior started, but as long as I can remember this problem has been there after I exported images as "HTML and Images". It is getting annoying when everytime I export an image I have to manually delete that empty folder. Reinstalling the software doesn't help.


      Does anyone have this problem? Any feedback will be appreciated.

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          Nadia-P Level 5

          Not sure if this help, but it may be worth a go:



          Restore default preferences

          • Quit Fireworks.
          • Locate the      Fireworks      Preferences file on your hard disk      and delete it.
            The exact location of this file varies from system to system.
          • In Windows, preferences      are      in your user-specific Fireworks      configuration folder.
          • Windows [Drive]:\Documents and      Settings\[UserName]\Application Data\Adobe\Fireworks CS#\English\


          • In Mac OS, preferences are      in      the Library/Preferences folder in your      user folder. For information about      locating      your Mac OS user folder, see Apple Help.


          • Mac                   [User]/Library/Preferences/Adobe Fireworks CS#/en/Fireworks Preferences


          • Note: On Mac OS,      most      Fireworks user-specific configuration      files are stored in your      user-specific      Application Support folder.

                    The Fireworks CS4 Preferences file is an exception.

          • 3.  Restart Fireworks.
          • The next time Fireworks is      launched, a new preferences      file will be      created that restores Fireworks to its      original      configuration.
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            ya4dang1 Level 1

            I got another Windows XP SP3 running the same copy of Fireworks CS4 which is okay. So I replaced my Vista C:\Users\<User name>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Fireworks CS4 folder with my C:\Documents and Settings\<User name>\Application Data\Adobe\Fireworks CS4 folder. But that didn't solve the problem either. I suspect this is one of those Vista bugs.


            Anyone running Fireworks CS4 on Vista having the same problem?

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              Nadia-P Level 5

              Instead of replacing it, do it the way the technote suggests, this way you get a new preferences file written, so it may overwrite whatever may be there now and give you a new starting point.


              Just back up the old one (be renaming it t- whatever_old) and then follow the technote...  you never know.  It's the same over at the DW forum, people are having all sorts of start up problems, but  removing the old config file, and restarting seems to kick it back into shape.


              As I say, not sure that it will work but it won't hurt.


              If that doesn't help, then you'd have to search other technote, or call Adobe support and see if they have any advice to offer  ;-)

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                That solution didn't work for me but here are the ridiculous steps I had to take to "fix" my images:


                1. Open the image to be exported
                2. Open the Export dialog (File -> Export...)
                3. Navigate to the where you want to export the image
                4. In the "Export:" dropdown select "HTML and Images"
                5. Check the box labeled "Put images in subfolder"
                6. Click the "Browse..." button below "Put images in subfolder"
                7. Double-click the Button labeled "Select 'folder_name'" (the folder named here should be the folder you selected in step 3)
                8. In the "HTML:" dropdown select "Export HTML File"
                9. Click the "Save" button to export the image
                10. Open the Export dialog (File -> Export...)
                11. In the "Export:" dropdown select "Images Only"
                12. Click the "Save" button
                13. Be sure to also save a Fireworks PNG version of this file to "fix" it


                You'll notice an HTML file was created along with the exported image but, once you delete that html file you shouldn't have any more issues with exporting this particular image.  Of course, if you don't often export an image multiple times you just did a bunch of work that really won't save you any time overall but, if you're like me and you open-edit-export the same image many times, the work you put in here to prevent empty sub-folders from being created will save you tons of time.


                This seems to be a problem with Fireworks images created in an older version of Fireworks but I can't be certain of that.  I do know I was able to create a new image in Fireworks and export it as "Images Only" without it creating the empty sub-folder.  Unfortunately, you'll have to apply this "fix" to all your old Fireworks images.  If anybody has a better fix than this I'd love to hear it since I have literally thousands of images for over 50 web sites that I've been creating since before the MX days.  I hope this helps and can save you some unnecessary frustration.

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                  I found this to work for me in Fireworks CS4 to not create a empty folder everytime i export an image,


                  Uncheck (Include Areas without slices)



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