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    request for proposal (for AIR developer/freelancer)

      UK web development agency needs to outsource (find a company/freelancer) to build an Adobe Air application based on an online web application we have already developed.

      We have developed an online application for a client that allows them to select a range of products from their own range and those of their competitors. Once a selection of upto 5 products have been selected a list of criteria can be used (upto 5) in order to provide a comparison.

      The client would like a desktop application for their mobile workforce that can sync (look for updates and download an xml file) with any updates.

      The AIR application might want to work a little like iTUNES with a cover-flow feel and method to select manufacturers > products > and a simple (cool) way to compare products.

      We use Mysql and Jboss as the core tools for the online application, with the cover flow delivered via Flash. The output can be delivered in XML format.

      We are already sold on AIR being the answer and can provide access to the online website and a detailed spec. so at this stage we are looking to make contact with people who have already completed an AIR project (or two).

      Best regards

      Myles Davidson (i-kos.com)