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    Submit Form in Flash

      Hi forum,

      I am beginner at flash, I just used a template to customize and design my website, however the contact section has a form which does not work...

      When I press Submit button nothing happens...

      My question is that how can submit its 3 fields to a .php file on the server when user press Submit button ?

      For example submit to http://www.domain.com/form.php ?!

      Can anyone help me ?


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you can use the loadvars class to create 2 loadvars instances.  one to send data to your php file and one to receive data:


          var receiveLV:LoadVars=new LoadVars();

          var sendLV:LoadVars=new LoadVars();


          // do whatever, but while debugging use:

          trace(src);  // if you have flashtracer or

          displayTF.text=src;  // if you use a textfield to see php messages



          sendLV.message=whatever else;

          sendLV.sendAndLoad("form.php",receiveLV,"POST");  // assuming your php file is using POST

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            Hi dear kglad,

            Thank you for your help.

            I am so newbie to flash and was not able to do it...

            I don't know forum rules, but since my project has finished and just this part left, can I send my .fla project to you and you just fix the contact section for me, if you don't mind? 


            I just need to POST my fields to a php url...

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              help on this forum is free.


              but to edit files and correct them, i charge.  so, if you want to try free help continue posting to this forum.


              if you want to hire me to fix your problem, goto www.kglad.com and send me an email.  i'll let you know how much i would charge after you send your fla (probably less than $25 as long as you indicate the location of your form) and you can decide if that's worthwhile or not.

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                I even cannot open it, I am dial-up user, it seems to be so heavy...

                Anyway if I upload it here, it will be free ?!

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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  if someone else here wants to download and correct your file, you can get free help.