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    Lost metadata in file after attempt to Save RAW As JPG in PS CS3


      Someone in other place in this Forum advised me that this will be probably more appropriate place to ask these questions, so I will give it a go. Below is a copy of my post on PS Windows thread (well, two posts really edited into one):




      I have just found out that after I open RAW pictures from my Canon 5D (but same happens with pictures from Canon 10D) in PS and than try to save them as JPGs, I loose majority of my metadata from the files (after right click on filename in. I can still Windows Explorer and clicking Properties or simply adding additional columns in Win XP Windows Explorer detailed view.


      So same picture, without any editing at all, just opened as RAW file (which it is a CR2 or CRW file in Canons), and then saved as JPG, suddenly does not show the date of picture taken, focal length or exposure time are all gone. Does not matter if I try Properties in Win Explorer or say Properties in MS Office Picture Manager.


      Was trying to look for any setting in PS that would set the ability to save or abandon saving of this type of information in JPG file but could not find anything of this kind.


      What is interesting I went back to my pictures I have saved from RAW to JPG using same PS years ago, and I this was not a problem. Everything was saving OK.


      So in summary:


      1. This would not be a problem related to camera (it is unlikely that same problem would occur on two different models at the same time - even though both are Canons)


      2. It must be a way to force the Photoshop to do that, I f I was able to do it successfully, almost without knowing, before.


      Therefore, I would think that either:


      1. There is some set of defaults somewhere in PS that I have accidently turned off causing my PS not to save this metadata properly or in full, or


      2. That it came as some kind of bug with some of the updates to PS CS3 that I was getting over last year from Adobe.


      Has any one else encountered similar problem? If yes, what did you do to resolve this issue?


      I will be very grateful for any help, as I am not a frequent user of Adobe Photoshop and may just not be very familiar with the part that regulates that type of issues.


      And I do not use the Save for Web option.

      I just used (in PS CS3 running on Win XP Professional with SP3) the Save As from File menu.


      What is also strange is that if I use File - Open command and get the first window with Open dialog box, where you have some basic options for opening/converting RAW format pictures (this window does not come up when I open JPG files) and I use existing there button to Save (which does not actually allow to do any editing of the picture before such way of saving) all Camera Properties, or that metadata, is actually saved into the newly created JPG quite correctly.

      However if I use button Open in that conversion dialog box, and than save already opened RAW file as JPG, the majority of that data is gone (date picture taken, exposure time, aperture, focal length, exposure compensation steps etc).


      I can see that RAW file has all this in the sections called EXIF and XMP (under File - File Information) but Save As does not add this info in the JPG files for some reason.