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    find/replace capitals to smallcaps

      Hi all,


      In the magazine I design, there is a number of abbreviations that come back in every issue. The editors write them in capitals, I prefer to use OpenType smallcaps.

      So far I've used find/replace in GREP and chosen Posix: [[:upper:]] to look for the capitals and then replace them with the OT smallcaps. I started with [[:upper:]][[:upper:]][[:upper:]][[:upper:]] and replace four-letter abbreviations with OT smallcaps, then three times [[:upper:]] then two, etc. The capitals were then changed into smallcaps, but somehow InDesign would still consider them capitals: When I ran the find/replace with three-capital abbreviations, it will still find the first 3 letters of a four-letter abbreviations and ask me if I wanted to change it to OT smallcaps.

      (FYI: I'm looking for any combination of four/three/etc letters in capitals, not the same letter-combinations.)


      So far I've done this manually and you can imagine it is rather laborious and tedious.


      Now, it is my suspicion that this can be done more easily. Does anyone know how? Is there a script that will do that? Can I do that when placing text? Or after I've placed it? Is it possible to change the case to lowercase and then to OT smallcaps in one go?


      Anyone any ideas?





      Thom, Amsterdam


      I'm using InDesign CS4 Dutch.