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    PDF files that have been Encrypted/Decrypted

      I've got an application that can successfully encrypt a PDF file using the Rijndael algorithm and a key that is built into my application.


      When it is time to view the PDF files, my application decrypts the file using the same algorithm and key, and the PDF displays.


      If someone attempts to open the PDF directly, Adobe reports that the file appears to be encrypted or corrupt, which is what we want.


      The problem comes in whenever some of the files contain links to other PDF files. Anytime someone attempts to navigate to a new file using one of the links, unexpected problems occur:


      • On my DELL laptop (running Windows XP and using Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard), the application prompts me to save the changes.
      • On my test platform (running Windows XP and Adobe Reader 9), the application reports that the file is corrupt


      I'm not the one who created the links in the PDF files - that is something another developer here did, so I don't know off hand if he wrote something into the links that would require saving.


      How could I get around this bug?


      The application is developed using Visual Studio 2005 Professional and written in C#.


      Thanks in advance for any help,



      P.S. I am not a fan of double posting, but I am going to double post this one. I feel it belongs in the "Acrobat.com developers" forum, but I see there are only two (2) questions on that entire board (i.e. it does not get much traffic), so I am also posting it in the "Adobe Reader" forum.