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    Clipping and adding clips

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      My version of 7.0 seems to have a huge problem...or there is a setting off somewhere. If I drag a clip onto the sceneline view it to a point and stop/pause, then use the clip (scissors tool) to split the clip in half - instead of the send half moving to the next frame like it does in version 4 - it shows the first frame with those little boxes on top (like a title or something was added) and  it is like an overlay. If I try to delete, it won't let me and when I go to play the clip you can see there is a clip onto of another one. HELP! Is there a setting off somewhere? Is there something wrong with my software? It is a download version. I have reinstalled it, but nothing has helped.

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          Sorry. I dont really understand. Can you attach a screenshot so that we can see what is happening?

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            Just as a "test," how do things work in the Timeline View?


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              Here are 4 files that will show what I am seeing and talking about:


              01.jpg - Shows screen with 3 clips in organize, nothing moved or done yet (I removed it becuase it would only let me upload 3)


              02.jpg - Shows immediately when I drag the first clip onto the sceneline there are two little boxes in the upper corner. In premier 4 those don't show up unless I have added text or stopping point or something - but they are there as soon as I drag.


              03.jpg - Shows in the view window where the blue bar where the length of the clip is...you can see it is moved and I used the scissor tool to clip it there. In Premier 4 - where I clipped it, the first half would be below on the sceneline in the first box, and where I clipped would automatically go to the second scene box. (Where it says drag clip here) You can see on the right under the edit section that for this clip it is showing two usages but below on the sceneline only one video clip is visible.


              04.jpg - Shows where i tried to drag a second clip from the organize into the second box on the sceneline. It is not shown at all - but part of it shows in the monitor box. On the edit in the upper right it shows that the video is in use (under where it says the other clip is being used twice) but I am not able to add it to the sceneline to edit, add text or transformations.


              And yes, the same thing happens in Timeline - it all just shows up as one scrunched area on the line.

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                Paul_LS Level 4

                I think your issue is that your clips are 5.1 surround audio and you are using them in a standard stereo project (or vice versa). In which case you can not use the Sceneline view... you have to use Timeline. The 5.1 audio will go to track 4 in a stereo audio project. this is why you are getting the funny results.


                Right click on the clip in the project Media Bin and look at properties... what does it say for the audio... 6 channel?

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                  YES! Under properties it says "Project Audio Format 48000hz compressed 6 channels".  How do I change this to work in scene? I have only worked that way before - in Elements 4 this is the same video camera and I didn't have this problem. How can I get around it so I can go back the sceneview? I am really frustrated at this point.

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                    Unfortunately you cant work in Sceneline mode in PE7 with a 5.1 audio clip in a standard definition stereo project preset. In PE7 Adobe introduced specific 5.1 audio tracks for AVCHD camcorders... you can select an AVCHD 5.1 audio project preset and then 5.1 audio will work correctly. However as your video is standard definition you can not use the high definition AVCHD 5.1 audio project preset.


                    The way it works is... if you select a standard stereo audio project preset the first three tracks will be solely dedicated to stereo. If you add 5.1 audio it will go to track 4 (this is what is causing you grief). If you select an AVCHD 5.1 audio project preset the first three tracks are dedicated solely to 5.1 audio... if you add a stereo track it will go to track 4. As your video is standard definition you are forced to select a stereo audio project preset... forcing your clip to go to track 4. This then gives you the problems you are seeing in Sceneline mode.


                    In Timeline mode you can see the video on track 4 and you do not have issues. You can delete the empty tracks 2 and 3 if you like to make the timeline more orderly. The Timelien mode is much more flexible than Sceneline... eventually you will wonder why you ever worked in Sceneline mode.

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                      Thank you so much for your help...I will go to timeline and start trying to get used to that method!