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    Space for 9708x15542

    deakant Level 1

      Hi all,

      Hope everyone is O.K. well I am not, silly AE CS3 PRO. I have on my system Windows Vista 32bit intel Duo Core 6600 2.40ghz 4.0GB memory, and 300GIG of hard drive space free. I have created a basic 30sec comp using mainly 3D text and transistions. Nothing to strenouis. Anyhow when I render the comp a fault appears "UNABLE TO ALLOCATE SPACE FOR 9708X15542 IMAGE".

      Is it a memory issue/Cache?

      What do I need to do to fix this problem?


      Thank you all.



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          yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

          Well this is one limitation of the AE way to manage memory.


          In order to process a frame, AE have to store every element in ram before caching it. It means that your 9708X15542 image must fit uncompressed in your ram, in a continuous space.


          If you are on windows, with the default OS setting, AE will only be able to use up to 2gb of ram, and if you are on a Mac it will be able tu use up to 3.5gb of ram.


          Your image is 9705x15542. So uncompressed in 8bit mode it's 1.18Gb of Ram (if you just use it without any thing else in comp and any effect). It's Huge, and if you applied an effect on it, AE will need more memory.


          The best workaround would be to divide in Photoshop your image in smaller pieces, 2 or 3, so After can process them.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Please tell us more about the actual size of your layers and the effects and features you use. Could quite well be that you are just running into a leaky plug-in or that you are using DOF with a large view area, that would require the buffer to be so large. Changing a few parameters could make a huge difference. that aside, only running AE on a 64bit OS with much more RAM will allow you to use more physical memory to reduce the frequnecy of such errors.



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              Navarro Parker Level 3

              That is a ginormous size -- close to IMAX resolution.  As Mylenium said, AE doesn't handle very large comps well. Other 32-bit composting apps handle them far better (like Shake & Nuke), so it's not necessarily a 32-bit memory issue. AE needs to generate very large image buffers if you have motion blur, 3D layers, or lights on very large layers.


              There's a useful guide from Jonas Hummelstrand at General Specialist that you might find helpful:




              Basically, you chop up your huge image into layers in Photoshop. Jonas was able to process 32,000 x 32,000 resolution layers using this method. Do you have any extremely large layers that could benefit from this method?

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                deakant Level 1


                Thank you all