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    Fraps Audio won't work in Premiere pro CS4

      It used to but not anymore. I can only see the video in the project, but not getting any sound. I reinstalled my AC-1 Baracuda sound card and reinstalled the latest version of FRAPS. And still nothing. I click on the video properties and it says:

      Audio track 1:
      Size is 10.46M bytes
      Rate is 44100 samples/sec
      Sample size is 16 bits


      I also checked the audio details on VLC player:

      Codec: araw


      Channels: 2

      Sample rate: 44100HZ

      Bits per sample: 16

      bitrate:1411 kb/s


      So there is audio but nothing


      But get this, I tried another old video i recorded using fraps with another game and i got sound. Using the same settings.


      The only thing that happen between that time was i had another sound driver installed at the same time, the one that came with the mother board.

      I uninstalled it recently because it was confusing a game called FEAR2 weither to use the baracuda driver or the realtek driver. So i uninstalled it and now i only have one.


      I dont think that should be the problem but if it is or if anyone knows whats wrong, can somebody please help me? Thank you.