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    HDV Capture Panel Preview shows black :(


      HI guys,


      First let me say that I know I have had this problem before. Honestly though for the life of me I can not remember how I solved it the last time. Also, I've been searching the forums for a few hours now and I couldn't find the right solution, but just in case, sorry if this is a duplicate question.


      *Also, this is happening on my home system, but not on my work system. But that work system did have the issue before.


      I'm trying to get my HDV footage off of my Canon XH-A1. I decided to log the footage at work and then bring the project home to test out the new system I just built. When I logged I was in the PPro CS3 HDV project, and I was able to see my footage in the capture window.


      Upon bringing the project home and firing it up, for some reason now all I see is a black screen when trying to view the footage.


      *This is just previewing footage through the capture panel, NOT capturing. I know that premiere does not support previewing during HDV capture in CS3, at least.


      I still had device control which is just confusing. I would hit play and stop in the capture monitor, and it did do the same on the camera. So to try and troubleshoot, I figured I should make sure that the Premiere is able to see a signal from my firewire to begin with. I changed the XH-A1 over to HD-downconvert and changed my device control to DV. Sure enough, video preview came through fine. So I switched off HD-downconvert and changed my device settings again back to HDV, and hit play in the capture panel. Nothing, still black space where I should see my preview. I also made sure that the setting for AV->DV was off as well.


      So I figured the last thing would be to try and see if it would even capture the footage even though I'm only seeing black. I set the log I had to batch with the HDV device control, and it did actually capture just fine.


      So basically now I'm just going to edit offline with HD-downconvert, and then online with the HDV capture later. But this is just killing me to try and figure out why I can't preview on my system at home and I can at work. Especially since I had to figure it out before and now I can't remeber what I did. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.